Statophile 33 | (Nearly) Year End Numbers and Passa on Sasha

Our (near) final review the team's advanced stats. We also review Sasha Vujacic's metrics, given the recent rumours of the Raptors' interest in him.

(Near) Final Numbers

It has been clear that the Raptors have efficient scoring at the point and power forward positions, but are certainly lacking a consistent wing scorer. While DeMar DeRozan was doing a much better job at getting to the line later in the year, his overall offensive numbers are not were they need to be.

James Johnson continues to rank highly on most defensive metrics. He could make a strong case if he accepts a role of a big rebounding wing who guards the opponents’ best wing (or perhaps PF on occasion). He has his moments of Jordanitis (symptom: thinking your Michael Jordan; thankfully its curable) on offence too often, but I suspect Dwane Casey will have this solved by next season.

Passa on Sasha

I usually don’t like to comment on rumours:

But (a) picture(s) tells a thousand words.




and (PER rank of all guard that played over 500 min in 2010-11)


(Sasha is 28 years old)
Source: APBRmetrics Forum

The only interesting metric relating to Sasha Vujacic is his fiancé’s leg length (35″ inseam).

It also appears the Raptors could get slightly better productivity at a better price with the likes of a Courtney Lee or Landry Fields.

Update (4/25 10:30pm): Marc Stein of ESPN:

Bullet dodged.

Note: The green Statophile logo for the 33rd edition is a subtile tribute to the great Larry Bird (#33), who I saw in my first live NBA game. In 1984-85, he become only the second player (with the “Big O”) to record >28 points/game, >10 rebounds/game and >6.5 assists/game. And he did it on 58.5% true shooting percentage.

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