RR Draft Party – June 28 – St. Louis Bar and Grill – Yonge/College


What? Draft Party

When? June 28, 7pm

Where? St. Louis Bar and Grill – Yonge/College

Will there be prizes? No

Why do I care? Because you like the Raptors and are programmed to care

Who’s going to be there? Other people

What food will be served there? My guess is beer, wings, and diet coke if you’re the fancy type

Who will the Raptors draft? Somebody you will boo

What about prizes? What about them?

What games will be there? We’ll hand out a draft sheet and you’ll fill your picks in, if you get some of them right, we’ll comp drinks/meal

Who should the Raptors draft? They should trade the pick. Or move up

Seriously, who are the Raptors going to draft? Probably Dion Waiters

NBA Finals tonight. I hope for the sake of all that is good in this world that OKC wins. It would be a triumph for winning the right way, as opposed to just signing highly cunty free-agents. OKC is what every club’s roadmap is – draft intelligently, get the right free-agents, get a little lucky, and peak at the same time. It’s a plain formula that’s no secret to anyone, but executing it is altogether another matter. What if Portland had taken Durant, what if Westbrook had been traded, what if Harden would’ve slipped…there’s too many pieces in OKC’s puzzle that have just come together at the right time, and you would think lady luck is on their side.

They’ve gone through the Lakers, Mavericks, and Spurs – all Champions past. This run is unprecedented and I feel, unstoppable. I am looking forward to seeing the Ibaka/Bosh, Durant/James, Sefolosha/Wade matchups, hell, every matchup is great. This should be a cracking series that should make the LBJ-led Heat a nice 0-2 in the Finals. Come to think of it, that’s actually more pleasing to me than if they had lost to Boston. Schadenfreude.

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