Jay Gets Jobs

Silent Jay.

Jay Triano got a job:

Former Toronto Raptors coach Jay Triano, according to NBA coaching sources, is poised to join Stotts’ staff in Portland as opposed to coming to Dallas.

That means Triano and Los Angeles Lakers-bound Steve Clifford, two highly regarded assistants that sources say Carlisle was eyeing, are off the market.

And then he got another one:

Just as he leaves Canada, Triano is also set to become the Canadian national men’s team head coach for the second time. An announcement could happen next Thursday afternoon, according to sources.

Good for him, I can’t imagine coming in to work was any fun for him last year, knowing that your nationality is what’s keeping you employed.

What makes someone a good assistant coach, but a really bad head coach?

Some guesses:

  • You have a good relationship with players, and they can stomach you just fine…but in small doses only
  • You’re good at taking instruction and executing specific individual tasks like working a one-on-one shooting session, but wouldn’t actually identify the need for that session
  • You can evaluate and instruct how the X’s and O’s designed by someone else can/should be run, but can’t design them yourself
  • When the game is over, you’re great at telling what went right and what went wrong, but while it was happening, you were pretty much mute
  • ???

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