Gameday: Bulls @ Raptors, Jan. 16

Lost four of six. Bulls have won five of seven.

So, tough loss last night. But this happened:

That’s not photo-shopped/video-edited. That happened.

Tonight is both a potential bounce-back after a good effort or a complete let-down game, especially since the entire team is “questionable,” including our two point guards (and yes, Lowry’s fourth quarter was awesome – it was the fewest minutes ever for a Raptor scoring 20+ points – but why the hell was he on the floor with two minutes left in a 12-point game if he was so hurt that he might not play tonight?). I’m writing this at 10 a.m. and there aren’t firm injury updates yet, so please update us all in the comments if you come across them.

Chicago Bulls: 21-15, 19th in O-Rtg, 4th in D-Rtg, 24th in Pace
Toronto Raptors: 14-24, 12th in O-Rtg, 26th in D-Rtg, 25th in Pace

Key Match-up: For the love of Shamgod, somebody please contain Joakim Noah (12-10-4 on the year).

The Picks
Vegas: Bulls -4.5
Hollinger: Raptors -2

Tip-off is at 7 p.m. EST on Sportsnet.

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