Pop Quiz: 8 Questions About the Raptors’ Off-season

Test your knowledge of the Toronto Raptors’ off-season transactions

Note: I stole this idea from Sean McIndoe of Grantland. He’s one of the most best hockey writers in the business (he likes to crap on the Maple Leafs). Pay him a page-view sometime.

The NBA offseason is really rough. All the excitement happens in the first week or so and once all the superstars change jerseys (and finalize multi-million dollar contracts), the NBA settles into hibernation.

It’s been especially difficult for us Raptors fans. Sure, you remember Ujiri replacing Colangelo and the Bargnani trade, but I bet you forgot all about the other small tid-bits. Take my quiz to find out what you’ve forgotten:

1) What was Glen Grunwald thinking when he traded 3 picks for Bargnani?
A) He wants to cement his status as the best Raptors GM ever.
B) James Dolan wanted Danilo Galinari back and thought Ujiri was still the GM of the Nuggets.
C) He wanted the Melo-Amare-Bargnani front line to be a thing.

2)” DJ” in DJ Augustin stands for:
A) Darryl Gerald
B) Dee Jay
C) Deblue Jayssuck

3) Steve Novak’s defensive ability is most analogous to:
A) Jose Calderon
B) A pylon
C) A cut-out of Jose Calderon

4) Andrea Bargnani sharing the same locker room as Metta World Peace, Kenyon Martin and JR Smith will be:
A) Hilarious
B) Tragic
C) Hilariously tragic

5) Austin Daye only exists in:
A) Two-dimension
B) One-dimension
C) Tayshan Prince-dimension

6) Rudy Gay’s eye surgery will correct his:
A) Field-goal percentage
B) On-base percentage
C) His shot-selection

7) Which picture of Elaine Alden Landry Fields will be most frequently utilized in RR posts?
A) This one
B) This one
C) This one
D) all of the above

8) Having Tyler Hansbrough and Jonas Valanciunas in the same locker room will likely result in:
A) Tyler Hansbrough becoming Jonas’ personal acting coach
B) Casey giving JV’s minutes to Hansbrough because he wants more “toughness”
C) Tyler “accidentally” breaking Jonas’ arm to get minutes in the rotation

Bear with us, RR readers. The season is less than two months away.

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