Rumour: Dion Waiters for Terrence Ross

ESPN is reporting some stuff about Dion Waiters being open to a trade.

Chris Broussard is saying that Dion Waiters is being shopped because he “has a contentious relationship with several teammates, including star point guard Kyrie Irving” (you might recall this). This led Joe Kaiser to post Insider speculation regarding Toronto giving up Waiters for Terrence Ross:

Yes, they already have DeMar DeRozan locked up to a long-term deal and 2012 lottery pick Terrence Ross coming off the bench. A deal involving Waiters-for-Ross would make some sense, though. The quiet personality of Ross would provide more harmony in the locker room, and the Cavs could use his 3-point shooting. From the Raptors’ standpoint, Waiters would bring more versatility off the bench than that of Ross, who has been mostly a 3-point shooter and highlight-reel dunker so far in his pro career.

Terrence Ross is a neutral figure at RR, as he reminds us way too much of Chris Jefferies.

Having said that, Ross has posted some decent games of late and has shown signs of coming out of his career-long funk and actually hit some meaningful threes.

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