Talking Raptors Podcast (incl. Video): With Aliya Jasmine (@aliyajasmine)

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On this weeks Episode of Talking Raptors, Nick and Barry discuss the 2-2 week the Raps had and the hardships we’ve endured over the past seven days. The guys also welcome special guest, MTV’s Aliya Jasmine (Play with AJ).

They chat about:

  • The now infamously terrible call on Lowry.
  • Drizzy Drake and any real power he has with the Raptors organization. Will other rappers follow in his footsteps?
  • Rebranding and jerseys? The team seems to have a very bright future, is it time to update the look? Do we throwback to the past or take a new step forward.
  • Nostalgia. Is this still the house Vince Carter built?

On “The Raptors Top Five” the guys ask AJ about her all time favourite:

  • Raptor
  • Media personality
  • Coach
  • Player
  • Moment
  • Jersey

It’s a fun one so sit back and enjoy.

You can grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (40:10, 57 MB). Or just listen below:

You can also check out video highlights from the interview:

The Rapcast can be found wherever your download podcasts:

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