Oh Hi There, Here’s a Kenneth Faried to the Raptors Trade Rumour

Something called Basketball Insiders is reporting that the Raptors are interested in Kenneth Faried.  It’s reported by Alex Kennedy who I think is a credible guy, but this just sounds totally made-up and entirely based on Ujiri once working in Denver.  Here’s the gist of the article:

The Toronto Raptors have expressed interest in acquiring Denver Nuggets power forward Kenneth Faried before Thursday’s trade deadline, league sources told Basketball Insiders.

Denver is listening to offers for the 24-year-old, but nothing is imminent.

Faried is best known for being dunked on by Terrence Ross.

Forget about Lowry here, the Nuggets already have enough PGs, so let’s think about what could be in the works.  Not sure how much Ujiri is into Ross, but something like this could get the job done.  I like Faried, I think he’s basically a more aggressive version of Amir Johnson when he was the same age.  I think Ross’s value is a little inflated right now which Ujiri might bank on.  The issue with that is that the Raptors have no depth at shooting guard, but the draft can solve that.

I could probably concoct three different trade scenarios with the Knicks and Hawks involved, but that would be entirely speculative and a waste of time.  Ujiri, get Faried over and somehow make it happen by just giving up Landry Fields.

Faried is still on his rookie deal, signed through 2014-15 with a qualifying offer of $3.2M the following summer.

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