Quotes: Dwane Casey and Masai Ujiri React to Nets Wanting to Play Raptors

Dwane Casey and Masai Ujiri have something to say to the Nets.

Dwane Casey on the performance of his team: "I can't say enough good things about those guys cause it's going to take all of us, especially with Patrick being out"

Dwane Casey on the Nets wanting to play them:

“It would tick me off if that was the case. . . If they did, sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.  For us, we were going to take whoever came to us, whether it was Brooklyn or Washington or Charlotte. We were prepared for all three teams.”

Masai Ujiri on the same:

“Good for them,” Ujiri said. “You know what? We haven’t lost one — I know I haven’t and I can sense from the players — second of sleep worrying about the Brooklyn Nets. At the end of the day if we want to be a good team, we have to play good teams. We’re not hoping for anybody. We’re in the playoffs. You have to play.  “They can do whatever they want. We’ll be right here.”

RR on the same:

Winning this series is going to be sweet.  I will personally drive down to New Jersey, collect the tears of all Nets fans and players in a giant bucket, and then bathe in them.

We can’t blame the Nets for angling to play us, we are the least experienced bunch and they have historical reasons to believe that this would be a favorable matchup for them.  The trouble for them is that the Raptors have beaten them when they’ve been at their best, and this collection of Nets “stars” have met with nothing but failure over their last two playoff campaings, so really, who should be worried?

It doesn’t say much for the Nets’ character or mental strength if they’re scared of the Chicago Bulls who have Derrick Rose out.  You would think they’d be hoping for a rematch with them to avenge last year’s playoff exit, but here they are gaming the system.

As for the pressure, it’s entirely on them as they’ve the high-profile assembled to win the East.

I look forward to this.

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