Report: Andray Blatche Meeting Raptors in Vegas

Andray Blatche has a plan – let’s see if it works.

Andray Blatche is meeting the Toronto Raptors in Vegas. The crude plan concocted by Blatche is rather devious. He plans on making his case for inclusion on the Raptors roster to Masai Ujiri in private. As Ujiri has declined all meeting requests, the stealthy Blatche, RR has learned, will be tailing Ujiri from a distance. When the Raptors GM enters the washroom and uses a urinal, immobilizing himself briefly, Blatche’s plan spurs into motion. Sources have learned that Blatche plans to slide into the urinal next to Ujiri, and negotiate a contract somewhere in the range of four cheeseburgers a month to the full mid-level exception.

Stay tuned to RR for this developing story which makes little sense from a basketball-fit, personnel-fit, personality-fit, or just any kind of fit point of view. Blatche, a decent scorer, remains a lazy player who RR has little interest in having on the roster, especially since we already have Patrick Patterson who does more or less the same thing except without looking like he’s bored to death and entirely uninterested.

Blatche is 27 years old and averaged 11.2 points and 5.3 rebounds in 22 minutes with the Brooklyn Nets last season where he made $1.4M. If nothing else, he would come cheap.

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