Kyle Lowry to Participate in Skills Competition; Ways to Make it Suck Less

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According to a tweet (that’s how we do things now), Kyle Lowry will participate in the skills competition:

What this basically means is that he’ll be trying to throw an unobstructed bounce pass through a large spherical object, make a short jumper, dribble around some pylons, and to prove the ultimate skill, make a layup.

Here are seven ways things could be made a helluva lot more interesting in the skills competition:

  1. Blindfold the players
  2. Have one foot in a wooden bucket
  3. Turn off the lights in the arena
  4. Not have the skills competition
  5. Play HORSE
  6. Pick skills competition spots from non All-Stars, winner gets to play in the All-Star game
  7. Have Katy Perry participate

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