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Kyle Lowry Thankful to Canada for SportChek Deal

Kyle Lowry endorses SportChek, still behind Hedo Turkoglu and Andrea Bargnani in most-fitting endorsements.

As first announced by The Forzani Group which owns SportChek, Kyle Lowry’s first big Canadian endorsement will be SportChek.

He gave an interview where he spoke about opportunities coming left and right at him, partially because of being in Canada and being an All-Star, and how he’s got to be selective.

You had one or two deals. Now you have a lot more, because I do play in Canada which is a country [with] a big market out here. There’s a lot of deals that are thrown at you. Before, if you’re an average player you don’t get these type of things. Being an All-Star you get a lot more attention, and you can get partnerships as [corporates] want to reach out to All-Stars and get higher quality deals.

He also spoke about remaining in Canada:

“It just shows I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere. I’m getting support from my country – the country of Canada – like getting voted into the all-star game and now striking a deal with Sport Chek. It’s a testament to me being excited to be back here.”

Good for Lowry and the Raptors. Him getting the All-Star nod because of the #NBABallot movement and subsequent deals with national brands definitely helps when making free-agent pitches. As much as Lowry and SportChek are a fit, we still think Hedo Turkoglu and pizza, and Andrea Bargnani and pasta, were just too good to top. Maybe next time, Kyle.

What made both these commercials great is that this isn’t just them pretending to do a commercial. This was their exact approach towards being an NBA player.


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