Team News: Kyle Lowry Out; Greivis Vasquez Starts; Bruno Active

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Expected news here. Lowry stays out, Vasquez starts, and we might see a Bruno sighting. Bring on the world-beating Knicks.

Some things to keep your eye on:

  • How many of the Knicks starters do you recognize?
  • Is Bargnani less or more lazy since he was here?
  • The number of times Derek Fisher checks his watch
  • The number of times Matt Devlin points out Dwane Casey yelling ‘go go go’
  • The comments on after the game

I don’t know about you but I’m quite keen on seeing Bruno come into the game, even if it only means that our attention is distracted from the terrible basketball we’ve been playing. He’s like a toy you dangle in front of kids to distract them while you give them a painful shot.

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