Raptors905 Press Release and Logo Leaked; Looks Better Than Raptors Logo

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As per @sportslogosnet, the logo for the new Raptors D-League franchise, Raptors905, has been leaked, and it looks like so:



This is pretty terrible, and something a drunk teenager experimenting with MS Paint could kick out in a couple of minutes.  However, it is simple and symmetrical which means it’s already better than the new Raptors logo, which continues to compete with watermelons around the world for the title of Soggiest Watermelon Ever.  Let’s checkout some Twitter reaction to this thing:


In addition to this, the press release the Raptors have prepared has also been leaked:


Logos aside, let’s just be happy with being able to follow players like Bruno Caboclo, Bebe Nogueira, DeAndre Daniels, and Normal Powell more closely this season.

Update: We have the picture of the guy who’s designing these logos:





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