Quotes: Luis Scola’s Here to Play

Luis Scola spoke to the media and we did you a favor and summarized it.

Luis Scola talked to the media, and the questions I’ve transcribed below aren’t far from what was asked.

Why you come here?

I feel like they really wanted me. I always like your team. Last couple teams you guys had great teams. Played really, really well. The city’s amazing.

How come you not a broken down piece of metal by now?

Nothing really special, trying to stay healthy. Working hard, I believe working hard is the key to everything. It’s been working for me latestly, let’s se [if it still works].

I have a few injuries but for the most part, I stay healthy.

You mind being the old badass sumbitch? Wutyougon do here?

I’ve been the oldest guy the last couple of years, so kind of makes sense. It’s going to happen more and more. It doesn’t really matter. As long as I can play, I can practice, and contribute to the team that’s all that matters.

I’m not sure. Probably will be doing the same things I’ve been doing all these years. I believe that pretty much everyone knows what I’m going to bring to the team. It’s going to be along the lines of what I’ve been doing on other teams in the past. AT 35, I’m not goint to get extremely better, and I believe I’m not going to get extremely worse.

You talked to coach?

I spoke with him before signing. We crossed emails after.

You sure you can play?

I think I can play, I feel like my legs are OK. I don’t think I have limitations. We’ll see, we have a talented team and there needs to be minutes for everybody.

You sad about gettin’ minutes slashed?

For the last couple years, it was a little frustrating to play less minutes than I’m used to, but it makes me grow, focus more on what you do when you’re playing instead of how much I play. I expect to be a big part of the team, I expect to be a big part of the rotation.

A little bit, you just got to get used to the time of the game you’re playing. What changes is when you play less you have to produce when you play your first minutes, and that’s sometimes a little challenging.

Toronto, you like?

I was always impressed by Toronto, I believe Toronto is a great city. Not only a beautiful city in terms of buildings and what the city offers, but also culturally it’s great. People from all over the places, people from around the world, people who know about different cultures and know how to interact with them.

So, being a guy that is from another country and having a family [like] one of my kids is American, one of my kids is Spanish, and two of my other kids are Argentinian, so Toronto could be a great fit for us.