VIDEO: DeMar DeRozan Dunks on James Harden in Drew League

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Grainy video has surfaced showing DeMar DeRozan somewhat dunking on James Harden in the Drew League.

As with any such play, the true value of the dunk should be judged by the reaction of the victim.  Here we see James Harden trying to inbound the ball in a panic, pretending like nothing happened and suggesting that this game even matters. As if somehow inbounding it quickly will turn the mob’s attention away from him being posterized.  DeRozan does the slow walk away which suggests that he has imposed his dominance on Harden, who at this point, has no choice but to accept his fate.

If this were the animal kingdom, DeRozan would mark his territory by spraying all over the court, and James Harden would be shunned from the pack and never allowed to enter the building or the city. His passport would be revoked, and he would be forced to live with hyenas, who would often laugh at him and remind him of that time he got disowned from the pack.  Harden would have to drink from a separate, somewhat infected, body of water than the rest of the hyenas.  After every hunt, he’s be the last one to eat, feeding off of the scraps of stale wildebeest meat. I realize that this analogy is going off the wall, so I’ll just stop.

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