NBA Rules Kyle Lowry Fouling Eric Bledsoe at 12 Seconds was Incorrect

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The two-minute report for the Suns-Raptors game is out and the NBA has ruled that Kyle Lowry’s contest of Eric Bledsoe’s drive was a foul, but did favour Lowry in a different ruling against Bledsoe.

On the play at 12 seconds where Kyle Lowry was called for a personal foul when Luis Scola and him trapped Eric Bledsoe, the NBA did rule that it was an incorrect call.  The Raptors were in a fouling situation and the ref anticipated that Lowry would foul, when in fact Lowry’s trap was fair.

This allowed Bledsoe to extend the lead to three points (going 1-2 from the line). It’s hard to say whether this had any outcome on the game. Bledsoe’s a pretty good ball-handler and though the Raptors trap, if it had allowed to continue, might have forced a turnover, the chances of that would have been slim.

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