VIDEO: Raptors help surprise Dancing Barista on Ellen

Well, this sure brightened up a bad day.

Sometimes, the world senses you need a boost, I guess.

On yesterday’s edition of Ellen, the affable host had a guest known as The Dancing Barista, an autistic teenager who dances while working at Starbucks to help him stay focused and help him concentrate. Video of him dancing went viral, and Ellen brought him on the show to share his story.

Not only is it a fun, touching story, Sam got an awesome surprise, too: Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, and Masai Ujiri appeared via video. Sam’s a big Toronto Raptors fan, and the team thanked him for his fandom, invited him to a game and a practice, and hooked him up with a ton of Raptors gear.

The relationship between Sam and his boss is really heartwarming. His reaction to his trip to Japan and getting to talk to a few members of the Raptors is awesome, too. This made my day.

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