Breaking it Down: Raptors’ offensive possessions in OT of Game 1

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The Raptors reverse in Game 1 saw them not score in OT until 1:14 left. They came up empty on four straight possessions during which Miami built an 8-point lead which turned out to be insurmountable.

Here’s a short video of how the Raptors fared on offense during OT, and a quick breakdown of each possession:

  • 4:24: DeRozan going against two defenders, and then met by a third in Whiteside at the rim who blocks his shot. Nobody but him touched the ball on the possession.
  • 3:28: Probably our best possession when it counted – DeRozan drive followed by a kickout to Lowry which established JV deeper, who just missed an easy shot after a good move.
  • 2:46: DeRozan uses the screen and goes against Whiteside without having a passing option in mind before jumping – turnover. He had JV rolling to the rim on his right but the peripheral vision he showed there was limited.
  • 2:05: Lowry takes the same shot he hesitated to take seconds earlier. No ball movement again, and the only action is using JV’s screen. Ideally would’ve liked to see at least 2-3 guys touch the ball to shift a tired Miami squad around.
  • 1:14: At this point the game is out of hand with the Raptors down 8. DeRozan drives on Deng who contests his shot but DeRozan’s off-balance fade goes in. Once again, nobody but DeRozan touched the ball.
  • :49: Terrence Ross carelessly turns the ball over by trying to dribble around Wade using his off-hand – huge turnover.
  • :27: A nice play on the out-of-bounds, and Carroll gets an easy dunk as Justise Winslow is caught on the screen and is late-reacting.
  • :11: Lowry draws three defenders as Miami is heavily defending the three, and the pass to JV is a good one which allows him to finish easily.
  • :9: Lowry wasn’t even doubled on the play, and didn’t make a good enough effort to get open. Carroll’s options are JV and DeRozan, and he passes it to JV who is doubled and his ball-handling betrays him yet again.

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