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Raptors Republic t-shirt design contest

It’s been a while since we made any Raptors Republic gear, save for the jerseys included at our annual basketball tournaments. I felt like changing that, but I have absolutely zero artistic ability or any talent whatsoever when it comes to design. So, we’re going to hold a t-shirt design contest.

The Process

*Submit a t-shirt design to [email protected] by Friday, September 23 with the subject line “T-Shirt Design Submission.”

*We’ll post our favorite eight (or 16, if they’re really good) for readers to vote on in a tournament format.

*We’ll decide a winner by Monday, October 3.

*T-shirts will go on sale for the preseason (and maybe longer) through TeeSpring (or possibly BreakingT), who handle payment/shipping on our behalf. (Price is TBD, as it’s dependent a little on the winning design.)

The Rules

*You’re unable to use any copyrighted or trademarked phrases or logos, so these designs have to be original (we had a shirt shut down in the past that we thought was OK, so tread lightly).

*You can read about TeeSpring’s official policies here.

*Only one submission per person, please.

*That’s it. Be as creative as you want, don’t feel the need to use the RR logo, do whatever, so long as it doesn’t infringe on Raptors intellectual property.

Prize & Proceeds

*I’m not 100% sure what the winner will get yet (beyond a free shirt, obviously), but we’l figure something out based on where they’re located. If their local, maybe we’ll take in a game together or something. If not, we’ll brainstorm some ideas.

*Raptors Republic won’t be profiting from the sale of shirts. Beyond the cost of production, any profits will be donated to CAMH Foundation (The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health). The point of the shirts isn’t a cash-grab, it’s to further build the community and just for fun, so I’d rather keep the price reasonable and donate anything we make on top.

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