VOTE: Raptors Republic T-Shirt Design Contest Finals

As announced a few weeks back:

It’s been a while since we made any Raptors Republic gear, save for the jerseys included at our annual basketball tournaments. I felt like changing that, but I have absolutely zero artistic ability or any talent whatsoever when it comes to design. So, we’re going to hold a t-shirt design contest.

We received 12 submissions, and last week we had you vote for your favorites in groups of four. The polls had upwards of 200 (and even 300) votes, so it seems we have a good handle on what the best designs were. Now, we’ll lean on you once again to determine the very best of the designs, putting the four group winners head-to-head(-to-head-to-head).

This final four will determine the next piece of RR swag. Voting will stay open through the weekend, at which point we’ll get to work with the winner on turning the design into an actual shirt. Thanks once again to everyone who submitted a design and voted.

Group 1 Winner: RR Tower (190 votes)

Black tshirt template ready for your graphic design.

Group 2 Winner: RR Hands (99 votes)

unnamed-1 unnamed

Group 3 Winner: RR Map (149 votes)


Group 4 Winner: RR Crest (122 votes)


What’s it gonna be?

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