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Put Respek on the man’s name: Kyle Lowry, 2017 All-Star

**Slow clap**

Damn right he’s going to the all-star game. Damn right! We had the mob, pitch forks…everything was ready to burn this whole thing down if Wade or some other populous fool was selected by the smart money, but he’s in, so we can all just stand down and relax.

Only player in the East to average 20+ points, 6+ assists, and 42+% from downtown. Not an Isaiah Thomas. Not a Kyrie Irving. Not a bloody Dwane Wade…nope. Lowry. King 👑

On top of that, he’s averaging career bests in points (22.1) and rebounds (4.8). There’s really nothing left to say other than he should have been a starter.

The full Eastern reserves:

Kyle Lowry
Isaiah Thomas
Kevin Love
Paul George
Paul Millsap
John Wall
Kemba Walker

There is a case to be made for Embiid, but he’s missed a third or so of the season so far, so…tough. He’ll savage the proceedings next year.

And the West:

Klay Thompson
Draymond Green
Russell Westbrook
DeMarcus Cousins
DeAndre Jordan
Marc Gasol
Gordon Hayward

DeAndre and Gordon over CP3 and Gobert? Huh…it’s egregious…whatever, Lowry is a 3rd time All-Star!

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