Hoop Talks Sept. 14: Murphy & Boyarsky, William Lou, and 50% off

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The Hoop Talks series that both William Lou and I regularly participate in will be making its return on Sept. 14 to help get us all geared up for the 2017-18 Toronto Raptors season. Not that anyone around these parts is ever not in full basketball mode, but, you know, this is a chance to ramp up our collective excitement as a group, in-person, and with the illusion of decorum (like Will’s not going to get fired up at some point).

This installment of Hoop Talks is particularly special because I’ll be conducting a one-on-one sit down with Keith Boyarsky. Initially hired as an analytics consultant during the 2009-10 season, Boyarsky worked his way up to director of analytics in 2013 and was promoted to vice president of basketball strategy and research this summer. He’s one of the front office’s – and the NBA’s – brightest analytic minds, and if you have any pressing questions for Boyarsky, let me know and I’ll do my best to work them into out 30-minute session.

The event takes place Thursday, September 14 at 8 p.m. at Rivoli (334 Queen St. W; show up earlier than 8) and will also feature Will, Sean Woodley (I think), Kayla Grey, Eric Smith, and Paul Jones, and host (and begrudging friend of the site) Ashley Docking.

We’re also happy to pass along a special offer for this event that will get you 50 percent off the ticker price. Use promo code “republic” at check out to turn that $15 ticket into a $7.50 ticket and pocket the rest to buy Will (or yourself, I suppose) a beer. (Technically you could also use the code “murphy” or “lou” for $5 off, though that would be some Van Gundy-like managing of your personal cap sheet.) Whatever code you use, just head over to Homestand Sports to purchase your discounted tickets.

You can find more details here or here. If you’re an RR reader and make it out, be sure to come say hi to me and Will.

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