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Raptors reveal OVO court; Welcome Toronto/OVO Night coming Jan. 26, 28

Here we go!

On the tails of the official unveiling of the new OVO Edition jerseys on Friday, the Toronto Raptors have outdone that reveal in a serious way. Friday morning, the Raptors revealed that they will also have an OVO-inspired NORTH court for select games this season.

It is nice.

The court draws obviously on the black and gold OVO color scheme present in their City jerseys, and the guess here is that the court will go over a lot better than the jerseys have. The two-toned hardwood is sharp, the chevrons play better over such a wide space, and the baselines are tremendous.

Like, damn.

The link included in their tweet directs to a Jan. 26 game against the Jazz, which Raptors Republic has confirmed will be the first Welcome Toronto / OVO Night of the season (Drake Night V, essentially). (I’ve been trying to drop hints to that effect as Easter eggs in articles for some time now, hope you caught ’em.) A source also confirmed that Jan. 28 against the Lakers will be an OVO Night, as well. And yes, those are Welcome Toronto OVO basketballs as a giveaway.

The team’s official events schedule includes Feb. 2, March 9, March 23, and April 6 as Welcome Toronto nights, too. RR is unable to confirm Drake’s involvement for sure as of yet, though it’d certainly make sense given the heavy OVO tie-ins and how much more Drake has been around this season. Now, a new album to coincide with Welcome Toronto, please?

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