Raptors 905 waive Kuran Iverson

Moute a Bidias survives the cut.

Photo credit: Christian Bonin / TSGphoto.com

Raptors 905 announced Tuesday that they have waived Kuran Iverson.

With the 905 getting Kaza Keane and Aaron Best back from FIBA qualifiers, the team needed to cut one player in order to comply with roster limits. Roger Moute a Bidias, who was added to the roster just last week, hangs on to the final spot over Iverson here. Moute a Bidias initially made the 905 as an open tryout player but spent the first month of the season injured, somewhat ironically being waived after the first FIBA qualification round so that the 905 could hang on to Iverson.

In 29 games with the team, Iverson averaged three points and two rebounds in 10.9 minutes with a 47.1 true-shooting percentage. Moute a Bidias, meanwhile, has made a quick impression defensively in his three games, averaging five points, 1.7 rebounds, and 1.7 steals with a 52.8 true-shooting percentage and multiple charges drawn.

The 905 roster will likely stand as it is for the remainder of the season now.

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