Report: Nigel Hayes getting 2nd 10-day with Raptors

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Nigel Hayes is getting a second 10-day contract with the Toronto Raptors, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports.

Signed to an initial deal last week, Hayes’ first 10-day was set to expire after Thursday’s game against Indiana. WIth a five-game-in-seven night strtech coming up, the Raptors could certainly use the additional depth – OG Anunoby has still not returned and is without a firm timetable, and Norman Powell suffered a sprained ankle that will likely keep him out at least a game.

There hasn’t been a ton of opportunity for Hayes to impress so far, but he’s used it well, hitting a pair of threes in five minutes of garbage time on Sunday. The arrow-shooting may not have gone over well with everyone, but it was a nice splash of personality and a fun moment opposite the team that chose not to call him up all year. He also saw a minute of action at the end of Tuesday’s game. Before either of those stints, Hayes made a nice impression with Raptors 905, a very weird experience I wrote about here.

For more on Hayes as a player and a prospect, check out my breakdown from his initial signing. By my count, he’ll have until Sunday, March 25 to make a further impression and convince the Raptors to keep him on for the remainder of the season.

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