Raptors Weekly Extra Podcast – Raptors-Wizards series preview

There’s gonna be at least one fight.

The Extra returns with the regular crew to, well, what do you think they talk about? On this edition, Blake Murphy and William Lou discuss the following:

  • Raptors vs. Wizards in round one
    • Is this a good opponent outcome for the Raptors?
      • Would Milwaukee or Miami have been preferable?
    • The Raptors are the favorite, full stop.
      • Residual anxiety from The Sweep.
    • Threats to the Raptors.
      • Bradley Beal’s performance in the season series.
        • Who guards whomst?
      • Exploiting the pick-and-roll defense.
        • Valanciunas’ coverages, and can he finally beat Gortat?
    • Threats to the Wizards.
      • Does the psychological edge swing quickly if Raptors win Game 1?
      • John Wall’s place.
        • Different team with and without him.
      • Have Lowry and DeRozan improved enough to win the backcourt battle?
    • Other series notes.
      • How does The Bench Mob respond to the playoffs?
      • The Wizards are not very likeable. Morris and Ibaka are fighting.
      • Gerald Henderson Award candidates?
    • Predictions.

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