Raptors Weekly Extra Podcast – Raptors-Wizards series preview

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The Extra returns with the regular crew to, well, what do you think they talk about? On this edition, Blake Murphy and William Lou discuss the following:

  • Raptors vs. Wizards in round one
    • Is this a good opponent outcome for the Raptors?
      • Would Milwaukee or Miami have been preferable?
    • The Raptors are the favorite, full stop.
      • Residual anxiety from The Sweep.
    • Threats to the Raptors.
      • Bradley Beal’s performance in the season series.
        • Who guards whomst?
      • Exploiting the pick-and-roll defense.
        • Valanciunas’ coverages, and can he finally beat Gortat?
    • Threats to the Wizards.
      • Does the psychological edge swing quickly if Raptors win Game 1?
      • John Wall’s place.
        • Different team with and without him.
      • Have Lowry and DeRozan improved enough to win the backcourt battle?
    • Other series notes.
      • How does The Bench Mob respond to the playoffs?
      • The Wizards are not very likeable. Morris and Ibaka are fighting.
      • Gerald Henderson Award candidates?
    • Predictions.

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