Draft Day rumor/open thread: Raptors ‘open for business’

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Throughout the day, I’ll continue updating this thread with the latest rumors, deals, and mock drafts. Check back often. The draft starts at 7. Here’s the hub for all of our draft content, and a final ranking list.

Mock Drafts

  • Every year, we updated the mocks throughout the day. Since the Raptors don’t have a pick this year, we won’t be doing that unless they acquire one. Here’s Jonathan Givony’s latest, though.

Other Raptors news and rumors

Thursday rumors…

  • 3:45pm: Michael Scotto of The Athletic adds the following note to what we already mostly knew:
    • “Lastly, keep an eye on the Toronto Raptors and Houston Rockets as teams that have expressed interest in trading into the middle of the first round of the draft. Toronto is open for business on its roster.”
  • 1:05pm: Michael Grange of Sportsnet confirms our general expectation that all four of the team’s high-priced players – Lowry, DeRozan, Ibaka, and Valanciunas – are available for the right offer. Nothing new here, and it’s worth remembering that each would probably mean a slightly different set of approaches to the coming offseason, from sheer salary dumping to taking a real step back (something the team continues to say they’re not interested in).

Prior to Thursday…

  • Everyone is available on the Raptors’ roster. This has been reported multiple places and more or less confirmed by Masai Ujiri and Bobby Webster. They may not be shopping specific names, but they’re looking at every possible angle to improve the team.
  • Yes, that includes moving into the draft. They’ve been similarly open that they’d like to move into the draft if the price is right, which only makes sense.
  • It’s been kind of a weird year for the Raptors, not only because they don’t have a pick but because their approach has been obvious enough that they can just admit it: They’re looking at everything. It’s earnest when they say as much, and it’s taken some of the reporting power away from the situation. As always, it’s worth remembering that the Raptors generally don’t leak information, and if any Raptors-adjace rumors are getting out there (hi, Shai), a moment to consider the source and the reason that information might be getting out is warranted. That doesn’t mean it’s not good information, just that it’s out there for a reason.

Non-Raptors news and rumors

Thursday rumors...

  • 3:45pm: The Lakers are among the teams that have called on Kawhi Leonard, per Shams, though the Spurs basically sound like they’re in “just send us your offers” mode.
  • 2:15pm: Dwight Howard is getting bought out, which isn’t much of a surprise. Guess his fart jokes didn’t play in the Nets group chat. Literally nothing else is going on.
  • 1:00pm: There’s really just a lot of posturing and speculation in that No. 3-14 range. Smoke screen season.
  • As a non-rumor reminder: Picks can be traded until 2 p.m. today. After that, teams have to do the silly dance where they select the player themselves, then trade the draft rights to said player.

Prior to Thursday…

  • A quick run down of the trades that have already been made or reportedly agreed to:
    • The Hornets trade Dwight Howard to Brooklyn for Timofey Mozgov, two second-round picks, and cash, per multiple sources Wednesday
    • The 76ers trade the No. 39 pick to the Lakers for a 2019 second-round pick and an undisclosed amount of cash, per Woj on Wednesday night
  • And a run down of some rumors:
    • Honestly, it’s been quiet and noisy at the same time. Basically, every pick seems available except No. 1, and the smoke signals are all over the place. There seems to be a lot of potential traction upward and downward. Making heads or tails of what’s real and what’s posturing is difficult.
    • The Grizzlies might be the most notable in that group, as Jonathan Givony reports that they have seven suitors for the No. 4 pick. They’re looking to trade down – not out – as a means of unloading Chandler Parsons’ salary.
    • Maybe Kawhi Leonard is on the move!
    • Look, it’s draft day in a wide open draft year, and the rumor mill has been oddly non-specific this time around. Today’s going to be a mess of wonderful surprises.

Keep checking back throughout the day!

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