Kyle Lowry taking pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory injections; no timetable for return

This deserves it’s own little post. From ESPN:

The Toronto Raptors announced Tuesday afternoon that star guard Kyle Lowry underwent pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory injections in his back last week, and that he remains without a timetable for a return.

Injections. Back. Pain-relieving. No timetable. Anti-inflammatory. Those are terrible words, all of them. They’re still words you’d rather hear in January than April. If we have to stuff him with cortisone shots until he’s able to sprint up-and-down the court, or even if we have to bathe him in horse placenta (ala Robin van Persie), best to get this out of the way now than in April.

Via ESPN’s Tim Bontemps quoting Nick Nurse:

It’s important to distinguish “getting shots up” from being closer to a return, because by the sound of it, he’ll be on the sidelines for a bit.  I happen to be a bit skeptical about Nurse’s comments about a return around the corner. The Raptors have identified an issue with Lowry and are managing it correctly. The only exceptions being him gruelling in November/December somewhat needlessly.

This does mean seeing more of FVV and Delon Wright more, which isn’t a bad thing, especially for the latter who could use some legitimate playing time in his attempts to usurp the very usuprable Van Vleet.

The Raptors face the Jazz tonight at the ACC.

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