Film Room Series Preview: 76ers Out of Bounds Offense

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Film Room Series Preview: 76ers Out of Bounds Offense

In Part 1 of this Film Room Series Preview, I covered in extensive detail the 76ers Half Court Offense.

In Part 2, I’ll break down the 76ers’ Out of Bounds Offense.

For easy navigation, time-stamped parts of the video have been embedded under the header of each play.


BLOB “1 Back”


  • Super basic baseline out of bounds (BLOB) play to isolate Embiid in the low post with a quick entry pass


  • Weak Side has the remaining 3 Wings bunched up, screening for one another. Usually just a decoy to occupy off-ball defenders, but will occasionally catch the defense off guard and get a corner jumper.




BLOB Floppy – 1:28


  • 4-Flat setup that flows into inverted Floppy action.
  • Prospective shooters can choose to use the single or double screen for a catch-and-shoot jumper.
  • Usually run for Jimmy Butler, Tobias Harris, and J.J. Redick


BLOB Back Screen – 2:22


  • Big sets a back screen for a cutter going towards the bucket. Depending on how the defense reacts, the Big pops for a jumper / attack closeout, or the cutter gets a catch near the restricted area


BLOB C Flex – 3:41


  • Resembling mover-blocker action from a BLOB entry, this play quickly flows into Flex action with a cross screen followed by a pindown screen

BLOB STS – 4:22


  • 3 players bunched on the inbounder’s side engage in screen-the-screener action
  • Potentially a short-clock special


SLOB Offense – 4:48



  • While two quick-hitting actions exist out of this sideline out of bound play, it is typically used as a way to enter the ball in bounds before initiating their usual half court offense


  • 1st cutter uses a Rip screen on the Strong Side of the floor for a quick pass leading them toward the rim. Rarely able to pass to this cutter due to simplicity.
  • 2nd cutter follows over the same screener used by the 1st cutter to get a catch and shoot jumper near the inbounder
  • In the event that the 2nd cutter is denied, the ball is entered to the screener (a Big) and DHO action occurs
  • If the 2nd cutter doesn’t make a scoring cut to get a catch and shoot jumper, the 76ers just flow into any number of their usual half court plays


Check back tomorrow before tip for Part 3, where I will break down the ways the 76ers are deadly in transition.

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