The Doctor Is In Podcast – NBA Finals Worldwide Roundtable

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Steve Gennaro aka Phdsteve, one of RR’s earliest contributors is back. His first RR podcast aired in 2009. A decade on, the roundtable is convened ahead of Game 1.

To celebrate the Raptors arrival in the NBA Finals, Steve is joined by a couple of the usual suspects from his World Wide Round Table Podcasts that featured regularly on RR between 2013-15: Blair Miller and Steve’s brother Mike (notably absent is Greg Mason). Over the course of an hour the boys share some of their favourite memories of the Raps from this season and from seasons past as they discuss just what being in the finals means to them. They also talk about Ujiri’s work, offering him kudos for doubling down to build a team that made it to the finals and apologize for all the stick they gave him in the early ears. There is a good discussion about Nick Nurse, his year, his in-game adjustment, his rotations and about where he stacks up against all the other coaches in the East.

It’s a fun hour of banter as the boys walk through the journey: Orlando, Philly, and Milwaukee and have a peek over at the other side of the bracket (GSW 4 LAC 2, GSW 4 Houston 2, GSW 4 Portland 0) and discuss exactly where this Warriors team ranks in terms of all time NBA Dynasties (2000s Lakers, 90s Bulls, Showtime Lakers, Bird Celtics, Bad Boy Pistons, 60s Celtics). And yes, they do also talk about Kawhi, because how could you not.

Enjoy the ride!

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