Draft workout notes: Canadian Lindell Wigginton headlines group

The Toronto Raptors’ third draft workout took place this morning, with six more candidates getting some run at the OVO Athletic Center. The Toronto Raptors have the 59th pick in the 2019 draft, so adjust your expectations accordingly. Here’s the full list from this morning’s run.

Ky Bowman

ESPN Rank: 74

Bowman is the highest ranked of the group. He spent three years in college and is 21 years old. He shot well from college over all three years on almost seven attempts from deep each year. He also backed up his smooth stroke with free throw percentages also in the solid mid-70s for the majority of his career. He’s a shoot-first guard, though he will have to add to some size to his frame at the higher level. He averaged 19.0 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 4.0 assists per game in 2018-19.

Lindell Wiggington

ESPN Rank: N/A

Lindell Wigginton is an explosive scorer from the guard position. After scoring 16.7 points per game in his rookie year, he averaged only 13.5 as a sophomore, as his minutes fell as well. After starting all 31 games he played in 2017-18, he only started two this year. Still, he is a strong scorer, and his name is quite recognizable, as he’s from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He’s a sweet-shooter from deep, though he only shot 72 percent from the line this year. He, too, is 21 years old.

Aubrey Dawkins

ESPN Rank: N/A

Dawkins was technically a junior this year, but his sophomore year was in 2015-16. He’s 24 years old, and a variety of injuries limited him in between 2016 and 2018. Still, his numbers this year dwarfed anything he managed earlier in his career. After spending his first two years at Michigan, he spent his junior year at UCF, where he averaged 15.6 points per game on excellent 46.3/40.3/83.5 splits from the field.

Amir Coffey

ESPN Rank: 89

Amir Coffey has size from the wing position, and he scored well in tournament games against MSU and Louisville this year. He’s also a junior, at 21 years old. Though he hasn’t been shy about gunning from deep, he’s only cracked the mid-30s in 2017-18. He also needs to develop his rebounding for his size. He passes well for his position. He averaged 16.6 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 3.2 assists per game in 2018-19.

Kenny Wooten

ESPN Rank: 91

Kenny Wooten is a big forward. Though not a great scorer, averaging only 6.3 points per game in 2018-19, he is a solid rebounder and excellent shot-blocker. His timing is impressive in swatting shots. He plays with great effort at all times, and he was one of the most important contributors to Oregon’s defense. He blocked 2.2 shots per game this season. The defensive side of the ball is surely where Wooten will make the biggest impact going forward. He turned 21 years old quite recently.

Tariq Owens

ESPN Rank: N/A

A senior, Owens is also the tallest player in this workout sessions. He averaged 8.7 points and 5.8 rebounds per game, and he actually does attempt about one shot from deep per game, though his shot is still a work in progress. Like Wooten, he’s known mostly as a shot-blocking presence, as he’s swatted over two shots per game every season since 2016-17, culminating in 2.4 per in 2018-19.

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