Taking Q’s For the Championship Mailbag

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The Raptors won the championship, everything is beautiful and hope springs eternal. Because of the love I bear for Raptors Republic and it’s supporters/readers/commenters I think it’s only right that I do a mailbag in the hopes of treating the readers as well as the Raptors have treated the fans. Whether you’re genuinely interested in my take, looking for validation in your own, eagerly wanting to read every variation of this Raptors championship put into words, or sending me to do research that no writer would do, I’m here. Ask whatever questions you want and I will answer.

I’ll be plucking comments from the comment section to respond to (provided that they’re formatted as such) and I’ll be assuming that more likes means more people would like a specific thing answered. In addition to that, I’ll be taking Q’s from twitter and you can find my account here.

The twitter engagement is meaningful to me, because the current social climate and this job dictate that I try my best to generate some sort of “online presence”. It’s lame, I know.

Comment away, and have a blessed day.


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