On Sale: Opening Night Watch Party – Raptors vs Pelicans, Sportsnet Bar & Grill

Our first watch party as the Raptors receiving their rings, raising the banner, and "welcoming" Zion Williamson.

The new season is around the corner and after the success of last season (yeah, we’re the Champs), we’ve decided to continue the amazing watch parties. So, the first one is at Sportsnet Bar & Grill as we check out Raptors vs Zion Williamson. This will be special as the Raptors will be receiving their Championship Rings and raising the Championship Banner.

We’ll also be doing a live podcast at the venue. Come on and come all. Tickets are $20 and include a drink – get your tickets here. The date is Tuesday, October 22.

Sportsnet Grill has reserved their private event space, Legends Lounge, with 4 TV’s (2 X 75”, 2 X 55”) and 60 seats. Each ticket purchased will have a seat at a table for the game.

Doors open at 7 PM with Tip-Off at 8 PM! Go Raps!

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