Justin Anderson To Return to the Raptors 905, Balance in Universe Restored

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Raptors 905
DECEMBER 5-- Albeit unsuccessful, Justin Anderson's 40 points anchored the Raptors 905 double-digit comeback at Scotiabank Arena (Photo by Christian Bonin/NBAE via Getty Images)

A heartbreaking loss for the Raptors 905 has proved only temporary, as Justin Anderson has returned to the team after a 10-day stint with the Brooklyn Nets.


In 3 games with the Nets, the 26 year-old small forward totalled 3 points and 2 rebounds. While he was expected by most to remain with Brooklyn for the rest of the season, the return of Caris LeVert and Kyrie Irving may have contributed to his release.


Anderson’s stats during his brief tenure with the Brooklyn Nets do not do justice to the calibre of player he is, both on and off the court. Averaging nearly 21.2 points and 6 rebounds per game, Anderson’s energy on the floor transcended into the locker room as well, inspiring teammates and instilling fear in any opposing player who dare attempt to keep him from driving to the basket.


The Montrose, Virginia native’s reintegration into the 905 will be seamless, but will mean that one of the 2 new players will be waived. The Raptors 905 have decided to keep Michael Bethea Jr., and release E.C. Matthews.


Anderson will join the team in Ohio on Friday as they take on the Canton Charge for the final 2 games of their 5 game road trip. Currently, the 905 are 0-3 since leaving home, but with their glue-guy back in the mix, things just might turn around for the better.


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