Behind the Scenes of Raptors Culture: Kate Snack & Greg Langer

Today we focus on Greg Langer and Kate Snack of SNACK Agency, the team behind Fred VanVleet's latest.

The “Real Behind the Scenes of Raptors Culture” focuses on sharing the stories of individuals who impact the Toronto Raptors community by working on projects that provide meaningful moments for Raptors fans like us. Although these people may not be on a first-name basis, their contributions are invaluable to enriching our experiences as fans. Today we focus on Greg Langer and Kate Snack of SNACK Agency, the team behind FVV’s latest.

We had a chance to sit down with both of them who worked closely with Fred VanVleet and his team in bringing his latest capsule to life. Here is their story…

Photo by instagram/flyguyfilms

Adam Robles: Hi Greg and Kate! Thanks for doing this Q&A with us. To start things off, tell us a little bit about Snack Agency…

Kate Snack: SNACK Agency is a marketing and advertising agency based in Toronto, Canada that delivers client services beyond marketing and media. SNACK Agency’s “Elite Brand Apparel Program” produces custom garments for brands to connect with their loyal consumers and public figure athletes creating a secondary revenue stream to reach and sustain their careers outside of sports.

Our Elite Brand Apparel Program is a marriage of our passion for custom garment production and marketing. For an agency of our size, we stand out from the pack with a forward-thinking approach to the agency model. 

Photo by instagram/flyguyfilms

Adam Robles: When did Snack start working with Fred? How did that relationship start?

Greg Langer: Fred reached out to SNACK Agency to help bring this piece to life for his love of the tracksuit trend that reemerged in 2019. With our decade experience in apparel production for brands and public figures/athletes, he wanted to develop a piece that was on-trend, with an innovative approach to tracksuit’s in-market from high-end designer brands. 

Adam Robles: Besides his obvious basketball talents, what endears FVV the most to a lot of Raptors fans like myself is his personal story. What is the story behind FVV and his ventures outside of basketball? Based on your interactions with Fred, what is the long-term plan of FVV Shop?

Greg Langer: Fred uses his platform to build the FVV brand, providing his team with an opportunity to showcase their talents in the business venture and beyond. It’s the foundation that paves the way for all to grow and reach their goals similar to his. In addition to the above mentioned, it, more importantly, FVV Shop puts Rockford on the map, a city that they’re from and proud to have roots in.

Fred’s ventures are infinite as he takes great pride in diversifying his business portfolio to be a role model inspiring everyone to follow their dreams and reach their goals. He also uses his platform to give back to the community both in Rockford and his second home, Toronto. From his annual Rockford Thanksgiving Turkey Drive, and his ongoing ambassadorship with The Sick Kids Foundation he continues to be a role model with a heart of gold.

Adam Robles: Tell us about the tracksuit collaboration. What makes it special?

Greg Langer: The FVV ‘Diamond Tracksuit is the first (of many) high-end great pieces the FVV Shop brand has to offer. The Tracksuit was a collaborative effort with an approach we took in the design process to produce something consumers can wear day to night, on the plane, to the gym or just to lounge in style. 

What makes the tracksuit so special is the overall look and feel. With Fred being a Toronto Raptor, we wanted to capture the look of the pantones that make up our BRED (black, red, and white/grey) Raptors Jersey. With our roots in Toronto, we sourced the fabric and application materials locally, to produce the garments right here in the city where Fred helped deliver our first NBA championship. 

The technical pattern cut and sew process gives the tracksuit a form fit that’s snug with ultra-comfort and mobility. The track-bottoms tapper at the leg similar to a form fit you would find in activewear bottoms, with the comfort wrapped in a cotton-poly blend. Overall, we wanted to develop a piece for everyone, it was important to produce a unisex piece for all to wear from an inclusive standpoint.

Photo by instagram/flyguyfilms

Adam Robles: What is Snack’s involvement in the process?

Kate Snack: Fred and the FVV Shop team had a vision for the tracksuit that we (SNACK Agency), along with our production partner collaboratively brought to life. We all worked closely as a team from ideation to producing the finished goods. SNACK worked with our production and design team to deliver a series of mockups that Fred and the FVV team reviewed landing on the one you see today. 

It made our job easy because we knew exactly the look and feel they had in mind, so when it came time to sourcing the fabric and applications, selecting the Pantone’s, to the fit, our production team delivered a premium garment that we are all very proud of. 

Adam Robles: Thanks for taking the time to chat with Raptors Republic and excited to see more collaborations in the future!