Top 3 Raptors – 2008-09 Season

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13 games.

3. Andrea Bargnani, 15.4 pts, 5.3 reb, 1.2 ast

13 games. Those 13 games. Oh, those 13 games after Jermaine O’Neal went down. Those 13 games where we saw a glimpse of what could have been but never was because he was only good enough for 13 games that one year.

2. Jose Calderon, 12.8 pts, 8.9 ast, 2.1 TO

It’s not like Jose Calderon was supposed to be the second-best player on the team, it’s that everyone else who was supposed to be better than him just flat-out sucked. Shawn Marion, Jermaine O’Neal, Andrea Bargnani, Jamario Moon, Anthony Parker – you name it, they were worse than Jose, who had now started racking up his famed ast/to ratio.

1. Chris Bosh, 22.7 pts, 10 reb reb, 2.5 ast

Poor bastard. Can you imagine being told you’re going to be the “twin towers” of the East and your partner is a washed-up center who couldn’t cut it in Indiana?

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