Top 3 Raptors – 2016-17 Season

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Oh yes, we’re going to finish this. 2016-17: Off Rtg: 112.3 (6th of 30) Def Rtg: 107.8 (11th of 30)

3. Jonas Valanciunas, 12 pts, 9.5 reb, 0.8 blk

“You’ve done a good man wrong” – that’s probably the final line of Jonas’s biopic, and as he’d be saying that he’d be thinking of years like these where he did what we asked him to do. Settled in as the third best player right above Terrence Ross (or replace Ross with another version of our fourth best player these years). May as well slot Valanciunas in this spot his entire Raptors career. Jonas for some odd reason had a label of being consistently inconsistent, when he was possibly the most consistent and predictable Raptor ever.

2. DeMar DeRozan, 27.3 pts, 5.2 reb, 3.9 ast

Poor playoff performances after strong regular season efforts was the hallmark of this era and DeRozan was its standard bearer. When your star shoots 26% from three in the regular season and 6.7% (not a typo) in the post-season things are gonna be rough.

1. Kyle Lowry, 22.4 pts, 7 ast, 4.8 reb

This was supposed to be the year where we built on the two playoff games we won against Cleveland and instead got swept. Lowry remained the key man in the engine room throughout the season but it was evident that there wasn’t enough help on this team. The Ibaka experiment had just started and Casey didn’t exactly know how to work with what he had, so the offense was essentially a horn play and a hand-off.¬† Turned out it was very easy to defend something you saw coming.

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