The Interview: Jamie Mottram

Sports content business models are being challenged with publishers stretched. What's the future when social media eats us all?

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Host Zarar Siddiqi is joined by Jamie Mottram. He is currently the president of the innovative apparel firm, Breaking T. Previously he was Director of Blogs at Yahoo, where he helped create the iconic blog, Ball Don’t Lie, and is known to be credited for the blog style of sports journalism.

Jamie was Sr. Director of Social Strategy for the USA Today Network where he helped start For The Win, and he’s also been a producer at AOL.

We discuss the internet business models in the age of social media, the survival of the free press, innovations in content delivery, the journey of Breaking T and a lot more. Here’s some more detail:

  • Jose Bautista’s bat flip propelling a company
  • Kawhi Leonard’s shot impact
  • The origins of Ball Don’t Lie and the Mottram Model
  • Why Ball Don’t Lie became a money maker and not a loss-leader
  • Need for high traffic to rely on display advertising
  • Social media platforms repeating the benefits of publishers while hurting them
  • USA Today’s FTW and social media’s impact on it
  • When subscription models work and when they don’t
  • The unfulfilled promise of social media
  • Degradation of user experience
  • Revenue diversification in the media business
  • Publishers as a charity to support for the public good
  • Should social media companies compensate publishers?
  • The Players Tribune model and a look inside their Manhattan offices
  • Up and coming innovating business models
  • The newsletter/substack model and keys to sustainability
  • Why ESPN’s business model is incomparable to anything out there
  • And more…

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