The Interview: Patrick Mutombo, Raptors 905 Head Coach

1 min read

Host Andrew Damelin is joined by Raptors 905 Head Coach Patrick Mutombo to travel his incredible basketball journey. If you’re a fan of depth, introspection, empathy, and the 2012 Denver Nuggets you are going to have to listen. Topics:

  • Mutombo’s first NBA memory
  • The “heavy” responsibility of coaching G League players
  • Overseas basketball horror stories
  • Mutombo the elite-level artist
  • How Mutombo initially saw Fred VanVleet. “I would be lying if I said I anticipated him being a starter and doing all the marvelous things he’s doing now.”
  • Mutombo’s all-Nuggets swagger team. (He was an assistant coach there from 2011-2015)
  • Mutombo’s basketball aesthetic of paint and perimeter
  • The moment the Raptors 905 finally bought into what he and his coaching staff were selling.

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