The Definitive Jalen Suggs Podcast w/ Jackson Frank

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Photo by Alex Tansley

Host Samson Folk brings on ‘friend of humanity’ and terrific NBA writer, Jackson Frank to discuss Jalen Suggs’ game in great detail.

  • What makes Suggs an attractive prospect?
  • The likeliest of the top 4
  • An unlikely primary
  • What makes Suggs an incredible connecting player?
  • A transition savant
  • NBA Reads/Plays that he makes
  • Where is the jumper, how far will it go?
  • Playing off of Siakam & OG
  • Premeditation downhill
  • On-ball defense
  • Off-ball defense and fitting in with the Raptors D
  • Developing the post game
  • Stealing from Jrue Holiday and Kyle Lowry

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Quick note: We are trying to plan a draft party (Doug Ford/John Tory/Covid permitting) in some outdoor/safe/all the things venue downtown Toronto, and we want to see how many people would be interested and willing to come out and watch the draft live with a bunch of us.

There’s a chance we wont be able to secure a venue, but we are doing our best and have a couple that are interested in working with us.

We will give priority to those who sign up with us once we nail down the details.

Pre-register here.

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