Enter Now: 2021 NBA Draft Competition

Let's celebrate the 4th pick with a draft competition; for $RAPS coin and all the glory!

The Raptors are picking 4th (Green or Suggs please), and we’re spicing things up for this years NBA Draft by hosting a draft competition potentially doubling the pot with bonus $RAPS.

How to Play

Step 1 – Visit our campaign on Rally.io (link) <- make sure to use that campaign link
Step 2 – Create an account or login
Step 3Use our Mock Draft Tool to make your Top 10 entries and select “Save Top 10 Picks”. Paste the generated link in the “Add a Note” field.
Step 4 – Click “Send” to submit your picks and pay for the competition

Entries must be submitted by 7pm on July 29th. Winners will be announced on July 30th

How is the Winner Determined?

It’s a basic scoring system, you can get a maximum of 10 points (i.e. 10 correct selections). If you pick the right guy at the right spot, you get a point. In the event of a tie, the win goes to the person who is hodling the most $RAPS Coin.


1st Place – 80% of the pot
2nd Place – 15% of the pot
3rd Place – 5% of the pot

How is the Pot Calculated?

Buy in is 20 $RAPS Coins per entrant. Depending on the initial pool size, we will potentially add up to 100% of the contributed pot (depending on how big the potential pot is…we only have so many coins that we can give out).

e.g. 50 people enter and pay 20 $RAPS Coins for a total contributed pot of 1000 $RAPS Coins. We will add another 1000 $RAPS Coins, for a total pot of 2000 $RAPS Coin so that:

1st place gets 1600 $RAPS Coins
2nd place gets 300 $RAPS Coins
3rd Place gets 100 $RAPS Coins

If you have any questions, drop me an email: rapsfan@raptorsrepublic.com