Toronto Raptors Cleared to Host Fully-Loaded Stadiums Again

The Wave is back come Raptors' opening night! Ontario removes fan capacity limits in sporting arenas and requires fans to show proof of vaccination.

It’ll be a full house in Scotiabank Arena this October 20th when the Toronto Raptors host the Washington Wizards in their 2021-22 season opener, with no Uncle Jessie in sight.

Ontario’s Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Minister, Lisa MacLeod, announced Friday that the Toronto Maple Leafs (ptooey), Ottawa Senators (who cares), and the Toronto Raptors (yay!) will have their crowd capacity limits removed starting this Saturday at 12:01 AM ET (cause you never know when you need an empty arena for an impromptu all-night rave – God knows after two full years, I do).

This is good for all of the obvious reasons:

  • A full stadium is a fun stadium;
  • More attendance, more money, more free agents;
  • Everyone who earns $200,000+ salaries can once again enjoy games in person;
  • Hot dog farmers will no longer have to burn their hotdogs to manage inflation.

Downside for all you naturalists and self-researchers out there, proof of vaccination will be required. Why, on the 20th, can you not go and Bradley Beal can? Let’s not go there, shall we?