Nothin’ But Positives – Raptors vs. Pacers – October 27th

These are the things I liked in each quarter of the October 27th Raptors vs. Pacers game.

The Pacers (and old friend Oshae Brissett) are in town, and the Raptors are attempting to get their first home win after starting 0-3 from the Big Bank Arena.


We already have your pre-game, your post-game, and your quick reactions for every game, but by popular demand (a few people on Twitter) I am bringing my quarterly positives right here in long-form. Rather than try to sum them up in 240 characters or less, I can now expand on what I liked each quarter of the game. If you’re familiar with this format, you’ll know what to expect. If you aren’t, just know that if there is a baby wearing noise-canceling headphones, it counts as a positive and it’s going on the list.



First Quarter Positives:

  • Win tip! Again! Who are these Raptors?!
  • Fred VanVleet countering the first Pacers basket with a 3 with just a minute and a half off the clock. He seems to be carrying the leadership he showed against the Bulls into tonight’s game.
  • OG forcing Domantas Sabonis into a turnover, and all other Raptors keeping him from getting to the basket. Nick Nurse mentioned pregame that they would throw a defensive looks at Sabonis, and we’ve already seen a few of them, including the double team.
  • Twice in a row OG drove to the basket with authority. First with a rip-through and second off of the bounce.
  • Gary Trent Jr. rip and run steal.
  • Another OG basket made in the paint; this time off of the inbounds play.
  • Gary Trent Jr. spinning and swishing.
  • Early Dalano minutes!
  • Myles Turner getting called for a defensive three-second violation. I don’t think the Pacers expected to see Dalano this early (if at all) and had not planned for what to do when he is in possession of the ball.
  • Another OG bucket in the paint. He has 11 of Toronto’s 18 points.
  • Dalano running hand-off to Gary Trent Jr., who draws the foul and makes 1 of 2 free throws.
  • OG’s first miss in the quarter was quickly saved by a Chris Boucher offensive rebound, causing Rick Carlisle to call a quick timeout.
  • OG still driving to the basket after the timeout, this time getting fouled on the up. The Pacers more than likely used their timeout to figure out how to contain him, and ended up fouling him instead.
  • Focrcing TJ McConnell to kick the ball back out and turn it over after smothering him with length.
  • Khem Birch inside plus the foul off of a pass from OG. Indiana are working under the assumption that OG will drive on every possession, and they forget that he’s also an excellent passer.
  • Dalano Banton blocking TJ McConnell on a sprint. Kyle Lowry would be so proud.
  • OG on the inside off of the rebound. He’s on pace for 56 points.
  • A rare OG miss tonight, but Fred grabs the rebound and swings it back to OG who drives full steam ahead into former teammate Oshae Brissett, who gets called for the blocking foul and sends OG to the line where he makes both free throws.
  • Uh oh. Rick Carlisle used his coach’s challenge on the blocking foul call and now he doesn’t have one for the rest of the game. Did they think this was going to be easy?
  • If I were the Pacers, I would simply give up on trying to keep OG out of the paint.
  • Wow. What a quarter.


Second Quarter Positives:

  • Svi! Hello! He starts the quarter with a steal.
  • (He also got away with a travel, but that’s a positive when the Pacers come out and tie the game within a minute and a half)
  • Svi the zone-buster (but I love a good zone defence)!
  • Banton with the 3 right after Svi! He has such a slow release that it is almost reminiscent of Jonas Valanciunas, but it works.
  • Scottie’s first basket comes off of his own rebound.
  • Svi in the paint with authority, followed by a delay of game warning on Indiana.
  • Precious’ lateral defence causing Myles Turner to stutter on his layup.
  • Not getting murdered by Jeremy Lamb.
  • Patient Precious! I mentioned it in the last Nothin’ But Positives, but when Precious waits just half a second, his aim and accuracy from wherever he is on the court is more productive.
  • The Raptors have already forced Indiana into 10 turnovers with 3 and a half minutes remaining in the half.
  • Scottie finding the only open spot in a very congested paint and pushing the ball into the basket.
  • Another one for Scottie! Again off of his own rebound, taking the Raptors on a 7-0 run.
  • There is a new egg commercial on TSN and I’m sorry but these are HILARIOUS EVERY TIME.
  • OG stealing the pass for the eleventh Pacers turnover.
  • Scottie finding his spots! A pass from Fred to Scottie, who takes a single step and lays the ball in gives him 8 points in a row!
  • Scottie to Precious with a baby floater. Scottie is pulling every rabbit out of his hat this quarter.
  • Freddy dagger to end the quarter. He’s 2/3 from 3.


Third Quarter Positives:

  • Fred stealing the ball on the drive from Myles Turner. It’s payback for the block in the first quarter.
  • Not allowing the Pacers to go on a mini scoring run again to start the quarter.
  • Another turnover and another timeout for Indiana less than 2 minutes into the game.
  • Every Pacer on the floor is in the paint, but guess who comes up with the rebound? The smallest guy on the court, Fred “Size of the Fight in the Dog” VanVleet.
  • Scottie blow-by right past Myles Turner like the road runner!
  • The double defence has stopped both Domantas Sabonis and TJ McConnell on back to back possessions.
  • Gary Trent Jr. quick on the switch with Precious.
  • Scottie spin move! If the Raptors can’t score, at least they can make the opposing team extremely dizzy.
  • Dalano stealing the rebound off of the Jeremy Lamb miss.
  • Gary Trent Jumper!
  • Gary Trent Jr. pushing the steal ahead to Dalano Banton who motors to the basket at the speed of light.
  • DALANO RIGHT TO THE RIM AND THE FOUL!!!!!! Imagine if he ran track? He’s a runner, he’s a track staaaar.
  • OG hitting another 3 to give Toronto a 13 point lead, the largest of the night.
  • There doesn’t really appear to be any third quarter fatigue with this squad the way there was in prior seasons.
  • Dalano not relying on the Chris Boucher screen to get past the defenders.
  • Fred for 3 from the top left!
  • 7-1 in turnover discrepancies in favour of the Raptors.
  • Fred kicking out to Banton for the wide open 3. The lead is now 18.
  • Half a second left and Fred drills a 3.


Fourth Quarter Positives:

  • This Dalano and Fred connection has the potential to really grow into something special.
  • Now from the top, make it drop, that’s a 3 from Freddy.
  • Fred is 6 of 7 so far from beyond the arch.
  • Fred pushing the long rebound up the floor. Unfortunately he turned it over, but you can’t win ’em all.
  • Fred now has a career high in rebounds with 10, to go along with his 17 point career high in assists from Monday.
  • SVI STEALING THE JUMP BALL AND GOING FOR THE SLAM!!!!! He really makes every second that he’s on the floor count.
  • Shot clock violation on the Pacers. That’s that lockdown defence, baby.
  • SCOTTIE SLAM! Poor Isaiah Jackson has been on the receiving end of a lot of Raptors highlights tonight.
  • Khem batting the rebound out to Fred who gets the second chance points on a stepback in the elbow. Timeout!
  • Scottie Barnes holding onto the ball like his life depended on it, then winning the jump ball against Isaiah Jackson.
  • Domantas Sabonis has committed some questionable fouls ever since the Raptors, as a collective, got in his head early in the first quarter.
  • BACK TO BACK FREDDY BUCKETS! He’s up to 26 and brings the lead back to 14 after Indiana cut it to just 10.
  • Corner OG for 3! A quick deflection out of the paint from Scottie Barnes after the inbounds play got OG open in the corner. He cooled down for a minute, because he didn’t have to carry, but he’s back!
  • Malachi minutes? Justin Champagnie minutes? Okie dokie artichokie!
  • 2 assists in a row from Dalano Banton. First to Precious and then to Gary.
  • Sam Dekker! I completely forgot he was on the team for a minute.
  • David Johnson! We have officially seen everyone…except Goran Dragic.
  • The Raptors get their first win at Scotiabank Arena in 612 days.


Finale Score: IND 100 – TOR 118

Positive Player of the Game: Fred VanVleet, OG Anunoby