The Lineup – Raptors vs Nets, November 7

The Raps defense is something the Nets haven't experienced yet. On the other hand, Brooklyn has two of the most gifted offensive players the game has ever seen. This is going to be tight.

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If you haven’t already, my boy Jamar covered the gameday preview.

Before every game, we’ll be going through what the oddsmakers think and what I think about where you should put your money for the night. I’ll also lay out a couple of factors that I think will determine the game. Join me on the Lineup!

After such a deflating loss at the hands of Cleveland, I’m expecting the presence of Pascal Siakam to provide the energy that the Raps need to bounce back as they meet Brooklyn this afternoon.

Last games picks and my record so far:

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The Lineup for today:

Today’s picks:

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Next game:

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