A Raptors temperature check w/ Jackson Frank – Raptors Weekly Podcast

What do the good folks around the league think of the Raptors?

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Samson Folk brings on league wide journalist, Jackson Frank to get a sense of how the team is viewed leaguewide.

There will be a few of these featuring different journalists and analysts from around the United States.

*timestamps could be changed by 30 seconds or 1 minute depending what ads are placed on the podcast*

0:18 – Introductions

01:35 – A short blurb on the funkfest that is the Raptors

02:44 – OG Anunoby’s attempt at stardom

05:38 – Finding the real Raptors squad

08:13 – The unique stylings of the Raptors offense

10:30 – Forcing the possession differential

13:25 – Not just an All-Star, but Fred for All-NBA

18:22 – Pascal’s terrific run of form

22:03 – Scottie Barnes

27:25 – What do the Raptors need on the team + who should teams be trying to poach from them

34:16 – Parting shots on a fun, cool, and interesting team

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