Buckets & Tea NBA Show – Returns, Rebounds, and the Raptor’s Rivalry

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This week, host and comedian Cathryn Naiker is joined by special guest Jordan Foisy (This Hour Has 22 Minutes) to discuss:

  • Klay Thompson’s triumphant return! Our guilt as Raptors fans, and are the Warriors favourites to win it all?
  • The Nets: Kyrie Irving’s less-heralded return, their dominant win over the Bulls and how they are the real deal, whether we like it or not.
  • DeMar DeRozan, the Bulls and where their ceiling appears to be.
  • Ja Morant and his GOAT regular season block.

In our Raptors homer moment, we talk about Devin Booker’s new friendly rivalry with the Raptor… All-Star votes and Fred VanVleet’s odds… and share our excitement and nerves for their upcoming road trip. We also reflect on the bummer it is to see old Raptors return to no fans.

And in our Hot Girl Summer Nick Nurse Highlight of the Week, Nick reflects fondly on Serge Ibaka.

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