Are the stars All-Star Bound + the bench and the trade deadline w/ Blake Murphy – Raptors Weekly Podcast

You know, because of the (tax) implication.

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Host Samson Folk brings on his dear friend, Blake Murphy to talk about the Raptors and the looming trade deadline.

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1:03 – talking about the incredible 3OT win

4:15 – Pascal with an all-time defensive performance

7:28 – Diagnosing the late game offense, and Fred + Pascal leading it

12:00 – The minutes and the rotation before a big week of games

22:10 – Working through the post with OG

27:05 – Is Gary Trent Jr. one of the NBA’s elite shooters??

33:05 – Fred VanVleet’s All-Star Case

37:00 – Pascal, a rare player who flirts with All-NBA more than All-Star

43:19 – What are the paths to adding talent to the Raptors core?

50:55 – Because of the (tax) implication

55:51 – Searching for a quality scoring guard in the trade market

1:00:10 – Quick thoughts on Jakob Poeltl as an option

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