Raptors name Eric Khoury as 905 Head Coach

Shortly after being named Toronto’s Summer League Head Coach for the team’s final game, the team has named Eric Khoury Raptors 905 Head Coach after last season’s leader Patrick Mutumbo moved behind the bench of the Phoenix Suns. The Toronto native is now the youngest Head Coach in Raptors 905 franchise history.

“We are proud of our developmental program – not only for players, but for staff as well. Eric is a prime example of growth within our organization, and we are eager to continue developing his abilities as an NBA-calibre coach,” said 905 Vice President Courtney Charles in a media statement. “We are thrilled to welcome him back to Raptors 905.”

Khoury has been with the Raptors since 2012, first working on algorithms to detect on-court activity, then promoted to manager of basketball operations and analytics. He has also served as an assistant coach and director of analytics with the Raptors.

When still with the Athletic, Blake Murphy wrote an extremely wonderful profile of Khoury. He seems brilliant. He has multiple degrees: a Bachelor of Applied Science in Aerospace Engineering and a Master of Applied Science in Experimental Fluid Dynamics,

“I’m honoured to be re-joining Raptors 905. I’m thankful to all the mentors I have met within the organization over the years and am excited for the opportunity ahead,” said Khoury in the same media statement. “I am a firm believer in the coaching philosophy and organizational culture that we have in place, and my goal is to create an environment where the players and coaching staff can contribute to winning at a high level and take that next step in their careers.”

He’s young and has frequently been promoted. Keep him on your radar in the future for the Raptors’ coaching pipeline, as the title of Raptors 905 Head Coach has frequently led to larger and more promotions down the line. Congratulations to Khoury and his family.

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