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The Cavs & Raptors Preview – Outside Looking In

Samson Folk brings on Bowser2Bowser to discuss the Cavs & the Raptors.

And the Basketball Action Dictionary here.

1:25 – Bows’ big ideas on the Raptors

2:15 – Does vision 6’9″ include a big, mobile center?

8:45 – Questioning Criticism’s of Nick Nurse’s Offense (This is debated later on)

16:10 – Why the Cavs would struggle with the Raptors in a matchup

19:48 – Peel switching to keep up with the Cavs offense

27:05 – Dealing with Cleveland’s massive frontcourt

32:55 – Bows doesn’t want Mobley guarding Siakam for long

34:53 – Are the Cavs on track for regular season and postseason success?

40:00 – Our tier lists of the East

43:15 – What are the offensive similarities between these two teams?

45:55 – The Nick Nurse offense debate

53:45 – Scottie Barnes’ jumpshot

55:35 – Evan Mobley & Scottie Barnes

1:10:37 – We hate Siakam at Center + Precious positivity

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